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GASTOESOPHAGEAL REFLUX:   Barium meal studies and Milk scans have identified reflux and a Gastroscopy  showed oesophagitis and a hyatus hernia.  This accounted for the episodes where blood was found to be present in her stomach and occasions when she vomited up blood and blood was present in her faeces. To correct this problem, medication to reduce stomach acidity was prescribed. After a long period of varying the dosage we eventually felt that we were achieving the desired result and we no longer experience these problems with oesophagitis. A Fundoplication was performed at 4 years 10 months which should reduce the chance of gastric reflux and aspiration into the lungs. This procedure was repeated two years later after the first Fundo failed.

URINE RETENTION:  To account for the frequent occurence of urinary tract infections, tests including an MCU and kidney and bladder ultrasounds were performed.  These showed a residual volume of urine is present in the bladder after urination , which may account for the infections.  Intermittent catheterisation was commenced in January, 1998.  Unfortunatley, the frequency of the UTI’s has increased and she has since stopped emptying her bladder on her own.

SLEEPING PROBLEMS:  For a long period of time, from about 15 mths of age,  Lauren was having problems sleeping.  It was very difficult to get her to sleep and keep her asleep.  After trying a number of strategies and undertaking a monitored sleep study overnight, we have resorted to using a variety of drugs to assist with sleeping.  She is currently sedated of an evening with a combination of Chloral Hydrate and Vallergin Forte.
MEDICATION:   Often medication prescribed for Lauren’s problems has been a trial and error excercise.

Constipation.  Past medications not effective - Coloxyl, Maltogen, Cisapride (Prepulsid), Granacol, Lactulose
                           Currently on –Coloxyl with senna, prune juice and microlax enemas

Muscle Spasms.  Past medications not effective – Clonazapam, Baclofen,  Epilim, Clobazam,  Phenobarbitone, 
                                                                  Sabril  (Vigabitrin), largactil.
                                Currently on – Clobazam  and baclofen

Gastric Reflux.  Past medications not effective - Zantac (Ranitidine). Mylanta, Prepulsid (Cisapride), Zoton
                           Currently on - Losec (Omeprazole)
Salivation.          Past medication not effective – Benzhexol (Artane), Cogentin (Benztropine), Glycopyrolate
                          Currently on -  nothing.

Sleep.                 Past medications not effective - Phenobarbitone, Phenergan and Vallergan
                            Currently on - Chloral Hydrate,  Vallergin Forte

Pain relief and Irritability.  If required Panadol or Painstop.

GENERAL BEHAVIOUR:  Lauren often frets if left alone and constantly seeks the comfort of mum and dad or other carers.  She prefers to be nursed in someones arms and is not really interested in playing with toys.  She does not like to lie down on her side, back or front, so very little time , if any, is spent on the floor.  It is possible to get her to smile and sometimes the most insignificant actions can make her laugh.  She likes to go for walks in her stroller or just move around being carried in someones arms. She is very aware of what is happening around her and likes to watch others as they move around her .