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My Story Continued
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                                THE STORY BEHIND THE  STORY

Another story has been unfolding behind everything that has been happening to Lauren. We wanted to have another child but we weren't prepared to take the risk and conceive another child with Lauren's problems. A number of doctors have said they suspect Lauren's condition is autosomal recessive and there could be a one in four chance of having a child with the same condition. We decided to use IVF technology with the use of donor sperm to avoid any chance of repeating what we have been through with Lauren.

After three long years of hope, anguish and frustration we were finally successful in achieving our goal. Carolyn fell pregnant and our precious baby boy, Daniel was born on 24th. May, 2002. He is healthy and well, very alert and active. He is giving us much pleasure and is adding a new perspective to our lives. Lauren is getting aquainted with her new baby brother and appears to enjoy his company.             

Lauren Meets Daniel For The First Time
Daniel Three Days Old
One year later
Five years later, Lauren's twelth birthday