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Hello, my name is Lauren Phillips. Mum and dad are writing about me because they think I am very special. I have just had my twelth birthday. Each year my mum, Carolyn goes to a lot of trouble to make a great looking birthday cake which everyone admires and loves to eat. Unfortunately I've never tasted one of mum's cakes or any other food she has prepared. I'm fed through a plastic tube in my stomach because I can't eat or swallow properly.  There are other things about me that make me  different from other children my age, so I'll let mum and dad explain.

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 It is with great sadness that we announce that our beautiful Princess Loz passed away in her mother's arms on the 6th. of October, 2007. She fought a brave battle against all the odds over a long period of time, but now she is at rest. We will continue this web site as a tribute to her and hope it will be an inspiration to others. Lauren will forever be in the hearts of those who have known and loved her.